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Why An Investment Group?
We Make a Difference In Our Community and In Your Portfolio

 Have You Ever Come Across a Deal You Knew Would Make You a Fortune, If You Only Had The Money?
 In Today’s World, Even Credit Worthy Businesses Can’t Find Funding
   (Due To the Economy, Unemployment and Banking Crisis)
Where Can a Business Buyer Get the Necessary Funding:
  IF Banks Aren't Lending
  IF The Business Acquisition is Too Big for the Average Business Buyer
  IF The Business Acquisition is Too Small For VC's or Institutional Investors
Who Can The Small Business Owners Sell Their Business To If The Buyer Can't Get Funding?
Without Capital, There Is No Inventory, No Products, No Property, No Sales, No Cash Flow, and Therefore No Employees, No Jobs
There Are a Number of Great Deals Out There - It's The Money That's Hard To Find.
Now Is a Great Time To Buy...If You Had The Money
  Given The Number of Business Owners Retiring
  Given The Limited Loans Being Made By The Banks
  Given The Number of Unemployed Managers
     Banks Don't Loan Money If You're Unemployed Even If You Have Equity, or an IRA/401k
  Given That Most People's Investment Portfolios Are Down
  Given That These Local Businesses Acquisition Amounts Are Too Big For The Average Buyer
  Given That These Local Businesses Are Too Small For Venture Capitalist
  Given That These Local Businesses Are Too Small To Go Public
  Given The Limited Opportunities For Small Businesses To Raise Cash From Accredited Investors
  Given The State of the Economy - FUD Factor
  Given The Limited Buyers Taking Action - Most people wait and watch.
Given ALL This, Make This a Buyers Market
There Are Massive Profits For Business Buyers Who Takes Action NOW!
Our Investors
    Have Greater Purchasing Power
    Achieve Greater Returns
    Consistantly Beat the DOW
    Invest Their IRA/401k Funds in Alternative Investments That Earn Greater Returns (Tax-Deferred or Tax-Free)
    Enjoy Safer Investments - Our Requirement Are More Stringent Than Required By The Banks
    Invest In What They Know


·                                Create Options and Opportunities.

·                                Analyze Local Businesses That Are For Sale.

·                                Develop Financial Strategies

·                                Perform Business Valuation

·                                Acquire Businesses With a Substantial Lucrative Cash Flow History.

·                                Combine Our Resources: Time, Money, Talent

·                                Buy Businesses Wholesale

·                                Sell Businesses Wholesale

·                                Sell Businesses Retail

·                                Buy and Sell Notes

·                                Provide Education and Seminars for Business Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.

·                                Conduct Seminars

      • Business Owners Seminar - Expanding or Selling
      • Business Investment Seminar
      • Buying a Business Using your 401(k) or IRA
      • New Business Buyer Seminar

·                                Facilitate Business and Community Development

·                                Network With Business and Community Leaders



  • We Specialize In Helping Our Clients in Structuring Deals and 
    Utilizing the Best Funding Sources Available To Acquire a Business.
  • It's Not How Much Resources You Have - It's How Resourceful You Are.
  • We have lucrative business opportunities with substantial Cash Flow and excellent seller financing.
  • We Provide Options and Opportunities
  • We Show Investors How To Maximize The Utilization of Their IRA's/401k's Without Paying Taxes or Penalties