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Helping Small Investors Make It Big!

The Business Investment Group Is Modeled After Some of the Most Successful and Profitable Business Models.

In Addition, This Group Utilizes the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) Model as the Basis Coupled With a Venture Capital Model and Business/Franchise Developers/Brokers.
Similar to Most Investment Clubs That Invest in the Stock Market.
We Apply Some of the Same Strategy to Small to Mid-size Local Businesses.
So, Instead of Investing on Wall Street, We Invest on Main Street.
We Are More Than an Investment Club. 
  We Invest in Local Businesses Providing For Greater Control and a Better Return.
  We Invest in M&A's To Grow Local Businesses For More Control and Greater Return.
  We Analyze Potential Business Opportunities.
We Are More Than a Business Brokers.
  We Help You Find the Right Business at the Right Price.
  We Perform Business Valuations.
  We Show You How To Properly Structure Your Business Acquisition
  When Your Ready to Sell Your Business, We'll Help You Get It Sold.
We Are More Than a Venture Capitalist/Private Equity Firm.
  We Invest in Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises With Substantial Cash Flow and Strong Growth Potential.
  We Identify Alternative Funding Sources of Investment Capital For the Average Investor
  We Don't Have the Usual Minimum Investment Requirement of $250,000 to $1M
  The Purpose Is To Acquire Equity Ownership in Non-Publically Traded Companies
  Buy Local Companies instead of investing in a publicly held corporation
  Prepare These Companies to Be Acquired by Larger Companies or to Take Them Public 
  It's Like a Mutual Fund, But For The Private Sector (and it's Less Liquid)

We Are
  Business Partners
  Investment Partners
  Managing Partners


  • Our CEO
  • Chief Financial Strategist
  • Our Director of Design
  • All of our staff
    We  Build Investment Teams
        Capital Investors - Have the Money But Don't Have The Time.
        Managing Investors - Experienced Managers to Manage The Business.
        Credit Investors - Have High Credit Ratings for Obtaining Institutional Loans.
        Business Owners - Who Are Expanding or Selling Their Business.
        Investor Buyers - Who Are Interested in Acquiring a Business

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