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Take The 1 Year, 1 Million Dollar Challenge!
It Cost You Nothing to Try. 

Hi, This is Marc. 

As Always, I'm Not Here to Sell You Anything.

My Goal is to make 100 Millionaires in 10 years and I need your help.

As we start the New Year, I Want To Invite You To Take The 1 Year, 1 Million Dollar Challenge.
Some of You Are Already a Millionaire or even a Multi-Millionaire. If You Are That's Great! Maybe 
You Would Be Interesting In Being a Part of the Team Helping Others. If You Haven't Made a Million 
Dollars Already, Then You're Going to Like This.

You Won't Make Millions Unless and Until You Start Thinking in Millions - A.D. Kessler

The 1 Year, 1 Million Dollar Challenge is Easier Than You Think.
Don't Worry About How You're Going To Do It. We Will Help You Every Step of the Way.

Remember, It's Not How Much Resources You Have, It's How Resourceful You Are.

The First Thing You Should Do, If You Haven't Already, Is To Create A Dream Board.
You Can Use Pictures From Magazines, etc. Whatever You Do, Don't Skip This Step.
It all Starts With Dream. Success Starts With a Dream. 
You Have To Know Where You Want To Go.
If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It.
Dream Big, Think Big, Act Big, and Your Results Will Be Big!!!

The Next Step is To Choose From the Following Options.
The 1 Year, 1 Million Dollar Challenge  
  Option 1: Buy an Asset That's Worth $1,000,000
                (or Multiple Assets)
            You Could Put 10% Down and Finance the Rest
            (Don't Worry If You Don't Have $100,000 for the Down Payment. We'll Help You)

  Option 2: Buy an Asset That Generates $1,000,000 in Gross Revenue
            The Purchase Price may be $500,00 Now and We Will Grow It To $1,000,000
            (We'll Show You How to Grow It. And How To Come Up With The Down Payment)

  Option 3: Buy an Asset That Generates $1,000,000 in Net Operating Income
            (Again, We Will Help You Every Step of the Way)

  Option 4: Be Part of a Team That Does Any of the Above.
            The Key Is To Take Action. Without Any Action There Are No Results.
            It's OK to Start Small, Just Start.

  Option 5: Come Up With Your Own Idea. Share It, If You Like.
            If This Challenge is Not High Enough, Set Your Own 
            If This Challenge is Too High, Try It Anyhow.

Be Fair and Honest.
Your Offer Price Should Be Fair Market Value.
We Are Not Here To Take Advantage of People and Beat Them Up on the Price.

The Purpose of This Challenge Is:
  * Get You Taking Action
  * Get You Thinking in Millions (yes, plural)
  * Get You Motivated and Inspired to Acquire Your Dreams
  * Help Other People and Make This Country Strong and Prosperous
  * Donate (St. Jude Children's Hospital, Make-A-Wish, Soup Kitchen, Homeless Shelter, Place of Worship, etc.)

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Achieved This Challenge and Met Your Goals.
How Would You Feel?
What Would Your House Look Like?
What Kind of Car Would You Drive?
Who Would You Help?
What Legacy Would You Like To Leave?

Take The 1 Year, 1 Million Dollar Challenge.
What Do You Have To Lose? It Cost You Nothing to Try. 
What Will You Be Giving Up If You Don't Even Try.

Where You End Up Celebrating The New Year Approximately 1 Year From Now Depends On You and the Actions You Take.

We Can Do This! 
We All Have Different Talents and Skill Level. It's About Synergy and Accountability. It's About Helping Each Other. 
T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More.
We Encourage You To Invite Someone You Care About To Join You On This Journey To Success.

So, If You Are Serious About Improving Your Life, Join The Team and Prepare Yourself For Success!

Your Dream, Our Team, Your Success!

Marc Malonzo

FREE Boat or Plane for EACH Board Member

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Marc Malonzo   [ updated Aug 5, 2011, 8:47 PM ]

See How EACH Board Member is Given a FREE Boat or Plane While The Investors Enjoy a Consistent 12% Return.
Some are calling it "The Dream - The Great Give Away" others are calling it the "Deal of The Century"
These Savvy Investors Act Like the Bank.
Instead of lending money to the bank at a low rate and then having the bank make loans at a high rate, our company offers investors an opportunity to be like the bank but earn a much higher return. And like a bank loan, their money is secured by the assets and income from a business that has a history of substantial cash flow.
It's a Win-Win for everyone.
   The Seller
   The Investors
   The Employees
   The Board of Directors
   The Community

We're Launching a Major Campaign To Put America Back to Work

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Marc Malonzo   [ updated Aug 5, 2011, 8:57 PM ]

Everybody’s Talking about The Economy.
The Banking Crisis...High Unemployment and the Dismal Employment Outlook
Many Lost Their Homes Because They Lost Their Jobs. 
 Some Lost Their Jobs Because Companies Used The TARP Money To Buyout The Competition - Eliminate and Liquidate.
   By Eliminating The Competition The Acquiring Company Gets The Competitions Clients and Assets
     Increases The Revenues (Income Statement)
     Increases Assets (Balance Sheet)

 The Stock Market Indexes Like the DOW Benefit Because It Eliminates The Worse Performers and Increases The Value of the Acquiring Company
 As a Result, The Acquiring Companies Stocks Are Soaring - Henceforth, A Jobless Recovery
 These Jobs Are Not Coming Back, at least not anytime soon.

 Without Jobs, Millions of People Have Struggled To Pay Their Bills and Eventually Lost Their Homes.
 While Employed, Many Home Owners Made Extra Payments on the Principal.
   The Intent Was To Allow Them To Pay Off Their Loan Early, Save Money on the Interest, and Build Equity.
 Many of The Home Owners Were Equity Rich, But Cash Poor.
 Without a Job They Couldn't Get a Loan To Borrow Their Own Equity.
 Without Income You Can't Get a Loan, Even If You Do Have 80% Equity in the Home.
 Loans Are Based On Income - Not Equity.

 They Lost Their Homes and The Money Used To Pay Down Their Mortgage Could Have Been Invested Elsewhere.

 This Continues To Have a Ripple Effect On The Economy.
 With Massive Unemployment, Demand For Goods and Services Diminish.
 This Perpetuated the Vicious Cycle.
 Less Demand for Goods and Services Means Less Employees Are Needed, Resulting in Another Round of More Layoffs

It's Very Challenging For Many Us.

Don't give up. Don't lose hope. Don't sell out.
- Christopher Reeve

Yes, The Economy Is Challenging.
But It's Challenging Us To Play a Bigger Game.
We Have To Be Bigger Than Our Problem.
If It Is To Be, It's Up To Me.

That's Why
*** We're Launching a Major Campaign To Put America Back to Work ***

We Need Your Help.
  We Can't Wait On The Government To Come To The Rescue.
  Let's Leave The Blame Game To The Politicians - We Need Results!

With Every Problem There Is An Opportunity

We Need To Bring This Country Together and Put People To Work.
We Must Become The Change We Want to See in The World - Mahatma Gandhi

It Takes a TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More.

You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.
- Zig Ziglar

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