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Our Investment Philosophy

We Are a Business Investment Group.
Similar to Other Investment Groups Except,
We Invest in Local Businesses Instead of Wall Street.
We Invest in the Community By Investing in Local Businesses
This Improves the Community While Improving Our Portfolio
The Profits Are Re-Invested In This Community and Stay in This Community
We Offer IRA and 401(k) Qualified Programs
We Invest in Businesses for Value, Growth, and Income
We Buy a Business For Cash Flow
We Grow a Business Through Mergers and Acquisitions
We Maximize Profits and Mitigate Risk
We Have High Target Investment Objectives
We Have High Business Qualifying Requirements
We Invest in What We Know and Enjoy
Our Strategies are to Generate Multiple Streams of Income & Accumulate Wealth.
We Customize Investment Plans to Maximize Your Financial Opportunities.
Helping Thousands Make Millions

Our Purpose and What We Do

We Bring Business BUYERS, SELLERS, and INVESTORS Together to Create a Win-Win-Win Scenario.
We Match The Needs of The Business Buyers, Sellers, and Investors
We Invest in Businesses That Meet Our Rigorous High Qualifying Requirements
We Create Options and Opportunities
We Structure Business Deals For Optimal Results:
   This Provides The OWNER The Max. Proceeds From The Sale of the Business
   While Giving The Business BUYER Substantial Cash Flow From The Business
   And Providing The Business INVESTOR With Consistent High Returns On a Safe
We Buy Local Companies Instead of Investing in a Publicly Held Corporation
We Target Local Businesses That Are Too Big For The Average Business Buyers
Yet Too Small For VC's or Institutional Investors
Like a Bank Loan, The Investments Are Secured by The Assets and Income From the Business.
However, Our Strict Guidelines Are More Stringent Than The Banks and Therefore Offer Greater Protection
We Are Very Selective
  Our Investment Objectives Are High.
  Our Business Qualifying Requirements Are High:
    The Business Must Have
       A History of Substantial Cash Flow.
       A Higher DSCR Than The Bank's  Requirements
       A Shorter Payback Period Than On Wall Street
       A Smaller Cash Flow Multiple Than On Wall Street
       A Higher Cash-On-Cash Return Than Most Investments
We Combine Our Resources: Time, Money, and Talent. 
    Analyze Local Businesses
    Develop Financial Strategies
    Structure Deals
    Buy Local Companies instead of investing in a publicly held corporation
    Prepare These Companies to Be Acquired by Larger Companies
We  Build Investment Teams
    Capital Investors - Have the Money But Don't Have The Time.
    Managing Investors - Experienced Managers to Manage The Business.
    Credit Investors - Have High Credit Ratings for Obtaining Institutional Loans.
    Business Owners - Who Are Expanding or Selling Their Business.
    Investor Buyers - Who Are Interested in Acquiring a Business.
We Provide Education and Training.

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